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Synonyms: trichloronitromethane (IUPAC); nitrotrichloromethane; 'Chlopic80' (Nankai); 'Chlor-O-Pic' (Chemtura); 'Dojoupicrin' (Nippon Kayaku); 'Dorochlor' (Mitsui Chemicals); mixtures 'Brom-O-Gas' (+ methyl bromide) (Chemtura); 'Midas' (+ iodomethane) (Arysta LifeScience N. America); 'Midas Gold' (+ iodomethane) (with emulsifier) (Arysta LifeScience). Other products 'Chlopicflow' (Nippon Kayaku); 'Chlopictape' (Mitsui Chemicals); 'Chlorofume' (K&S Fumigation); 'Hd-Pic' (Hendrix & Dail); 'Kuropiku Nyuzai' (Nippon Kayaku); mixtures 'Agrobromo' (+ methyl bromide) (AQL); 'Agrocelhone' (+ 1,3-dichloropropene) (AQL); 'Bro-Mean C-33' (+ methyl bromide) (Reddick); 'Bromex' (+ methyl bromide) (Bernardo); 'Bromofifty' (+ methyl bromide) (DSBG); 'Bromopic' (+ methyl bromide) (DSBG, Nufarm Ltd); 'Double Stopper' (+ 1,3-dichloropropene) (Nippon Kayaku); 'Fungafume' (+ methyl bromide) (Nufarm Ltd); 'Inline' (+ 1,3-dichloropropene) (Dow AgroSciences); 'Soilean' (+ 1,3-dichloropropene) (Mitsui Chemicals); 'Telodrip' (+ 1,3-dichloropropene) (DSBG); 'Telone C-17' (+ 1,3-dichloropropene) (Dow AgroSciences); 'Telone C-35' (+ 1,3-dichloropropene) (Dow AgroSciences); 'Telopic' (+ 1,3-dichloropropene) (DSBG); 'Terr-O-Gas' (+ methyl bromide) (Chemtura); 'Vertafume' (+ methyl bromide) (Nufarm Ltd). Discontinued products 'Nutrapic' * (Applied Agrosciences); 'Picrin 80' * (Mitsui Toatsu); mixtures 'Sobrom BM 98' * (+ methyl bromide) (Brian Jones); 'Trizone' * (+ methyl bromide) (with propargyl bromide) (Dow).
CAS No.: 76-06-2
EC No.: 200-930-9
Molecular Weight: 164.38
Molecular Formula: CCl3NO2
Structural Formula: Cl3-C-NO2
Form: Colourless liquid with a lachrymatory action.
M.p. :–64°C
B.p.: 112.4°C/757 mmHg
V.p.: 3.2 kPa (25°C)
F.p.: Non-flammable
Henry: 3.25 × 102 Pa m3 mol-1 (25 °C, calc.)
S.g./density: 1.6558 (20 °C)
Solubility: In water 2.27 (0 °C), 1.62 (25 °C) (both in g/l). Miscible with most organic solvents, e.g. acetone, benzene, ethanol, methanol, carbon disulfide, diethyl ether, carbon tetrachloride.
Stability: Stable in acidic media, unstable in alkali.


Chloropicrin is a high-efficient soil fumigant to control nematodes and other soil-dwelling pests.


Items Specification
chloropicrin content 99.5% min.
acidity (as HNO3) 100 ppm max.
water content 100 ppm max.
density 1.654~1.663


Standard Packaging

270 kgs net galvanized iron drums, on pallet

Packaging photo coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

Class 6.1, High Toxic.

Acute oral LD50 for rats 250 mg/kg. Skin and eye Severe irritant to skin of rabbits. Fish TLm (48 h) for carp 0.168 mg/l. Daphnia LC50 (3 h) 0.91 mg/l.

Warning, Toxic

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