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Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)


Synonyms: Caustic Potash; Potassium Hydrate; KOH
CAS No.: 1310-58-3
EC No.: 215-181-3
Molecular Weight: 56.11
Molecular Formula: KOH
Melting Point: 360 deg. C
Boiling Point: 1320 deg. C
Solubility in Water: 111g/100ml water (20 deg. C)


Potassium hydroxide is manufactured industrially by electrolysis of potassium chloride solutions (chloralkali process): 2KCl + 2H2O → 2KOH + Cl2 + H2


Used as a basic inorganic raw material in manufacturing water soluble fertilizers, various potassium salts, glyphosate potassium etc.


Standard HG/T 3688-2000

Potassium Hydroxide Content 90.0% min.
K2CO3 0.5% max.
Chlorides as Cl 0.005% max.
Fe 0.0005% max.
Sulfates 0.005% max.
Nitrate and Nitrite (as N) 0.0005% max.
Phosphates 0.005% max.
Sulfites 0.01% max.
Na 0.8% max.
Al 0.002% max.
Ca 0.005% max.
Ni 0.0005% max.
Heavy metals as Pb 0.002% max.

Standard Packaging

25kg/woven bag, 22000kg/20’FCL, palletized or not

Packaging photo coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

Hazard Class: 8 UN Number: 1813 Packing Group: II
Corrosive base! Hygroscopic! Causes eye and skin burns. May cause severe respiratory tract irritation with possible burns. May cause severe digestive tract irritation with possible burns
For more details, please refer to MSDS

Waring! Corrosive

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