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Vinyl Sulfone


Synonyms: Divinyl sulfone; VS; DVS; Bis(ethenyl) sulfone; Vinyl Sulphone; Divinyl sulphone
CAS No.: 77-77-0
EC No.: 201-057-6
Molecular Weight: 118.15
Molecular Formula: C4H6O2S
Structural Formula: Vinyl Sulfone
Melting Point: -26 deg. C
Flash Point: 102 deg. C
Boiling Point: 234.3 deg. C
Density: 1.177g/ml @ 25 deg.


Chemical synthesis intermediate


Items Specification
Vinyl Sulfone Content 99.0% min
Water 200ppm max
Appearance Transparent colorless liquid
Stabilizer May contain 0.05% hydroquinone as stabilizer. Purchasers are expected to clarify whether it contains stabilizer or not, otherwise no stabilizer.


Standard Packaging

20kgs/drum or 1kg/bottle


Risks and Safety Information

Vinyl sulfone is a high toxic Liquid, Organic, N.O.S
Hazard Class 6.1; UN 2810; PG I
For more information, please refer to MSDS.

Warning, Toxic!

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