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Hexafluoropropylene (HFP)


Synonyms: HFP; 1,1,2,3,3,3-Hexafluoro-1-propene; hexafluoropropene (IUPAC); Perfluoropropene, Perfluoropropylene, freon R 1216, halocarbon R 1216, fluorocarbon 1216
CAS No.: 116-15-4
EC No.: 204-127-4
Molecular Weight: 150.02
Molecular Formula: C3F6
Structural Formula: Hexafluoropropylene
b.p.: -29.6 deg C
m.p.: -156.5 deg C
Vapor Pressure (20 deg. C): 0.687 MPa
Liquid Density (20 deg. C): 1.332 g/cm3


Hexafluoropropylene is used as an important intermediate for synthesis of pharmaceuticals, fluorine-contained polymer and fire-extinguishing agent HFC-227ea gas (also named FM200).


Items Specification
hexafluoropropylene Purity 99.9% min.
moisture(w/w) 40ppm max.
acidity as HF (w/w) 1ppm max.
non-volatile gas residue (w/w) 50ppm max.
PFIB no peak
appearance clear colorless liquefied gas


Standard Packaging

400, 800kgs/926L welded steel cylinder; ISO tank

926L welded cylinder for hexafluoropropylene

Risks and Safety Information

Hexafluoropropylene is regulated by UN as nonflammable compressed gas, UN number 1858, Class 2.2
For More information, please see MSDS

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