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Welded Steel Cylinders

We supply welded cylinders for HFC-227ea (heptafluoropropane, FM-200), HFC-125 (Pentafluoroethane, FE-25), HFC-134a (Tetrafluoroethane), HCFC-22 (Difluorochloromethane), R-401, R-404, R-406, R-407, R-408, R-409, R-410 and R-507. Water capacity varies from 8L, 16L, 20L, 25L, 40L, 45L, 70L, 90L, 120L, 150L, 180L, 1000L.


The welded cylinders can be made according to customer's design or our design. Manufacturer is ISO9001 certified company, with state license to manufacture class A1, A2 and B2 pressure containers.

FM-200 (HFC-227ea) Module With Valve

FM200 (HFC-227ea) Module

Unpolished Cylinders for FM-200 (HFC-227ea) or FE-25 (HFC-125)

FM200 (HFC-227ea) or HFC-125 Unpolished Cylinder

Cylinders For Liquid Ammonium

Cylinders for Liquid Ammonium

Cylinders for Bromomethane

Cylinders for Bromomethane

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