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Indole-3-acetic Acid (IAA)


Synonyms: 1H-Indole-3-acetic acid; Heteroauxin; beta-Indoleacetic Acid; Indoleacetate; IAA; AIA; Indolyl-3-acetic acid; Rhizopin; Skatolecarboxylic acid; 'Rhizopon A' (Fargro, Rhizopon).
CAS No.: 87-51-4
Molecular Weight: 175.19
Molecular Formula: C10H9NO2
Structural Formula: IAA
M.p.: 168–170°C
F.p.: 171°C
Form: Pale, colourless to fawn-coloured powder.
V.p.: <0.02 mPa (60°C)
Solubility: In water 1.5 g/l (20°C). In ethanol 100–1000, acetone and diethyl ether 30–100, chloroform 10–30 (all in g/l).
Stability: Very stable in neutral and alkaline media. Unstable to light.
pKa: 4.75


Samilar to IBA. Indole-3-acetic Acid (IAA) is a plant growth regulator which affects cell division and cell elongation. Used to stimulate rooting of cuttings of herbaceous and woody ornamentals.


Indole-3-acetic Acid (IAA) purity: 99% min. (HPLC)
M.P: 166~169 °C

Residue after ignition: 0.1% max.

Loss on drying: 0.5% max.
Appearance: off-white powder

Standard Packaging

250g, 500g, 1000g/aluminum foil bags in carton.
25kg/ fiber drum

Packaging photos coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

Acute percutaneous LD50 for mice 1000 mg/kg. Not toxic to bees.
Indole-3-acetic Acid (IAA) is regulated by UN as TOXIC SOLID, ORGANIC, N.O.S.
Class 6.1; UN 2811; PG III
R-Phrase: R25, R36/37/38 S-Phrase: S26, S28, S36/37/39, S38, S45
For more information, please see MSDS


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