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HCFC-141b (1,1-Dichloro-1-Fluoroethane)


Synonyms: 1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane; 1-fluoro-1,1-dichloroethane; dichlorofluoroentane; Freon 141b;  R141b; HCFC141b
CAS No.: 1717-00-6
Molecular Weight:  116.95
Molecular Formula: C2H3Cl2F
b.p. (1 atm): 32.05°C
Freezing Point (1 atm): -103.5°C
Density (25°C): 1.227g/cm3
Vapor Pressure(25°C): 0.079Mpa
Solubility in Water, 25 °C: 0.509 % w/w
Critical T.: 204.15°C
Critical P.: 4.25 mPa
Critical Density: 0.433g/cm3
ODP: 0.11
GWP: 0.09




HCFC-141b is used as foaming agent, cleaning agent as alternative for CFC-11 and CFC-113


Parameters Specification
HCFC-141b purity, % 99.8% min.
Moisture, mg/kg 50 max.
Acidity 1 ppm max.
Nonvolatile Residues 20 mg/kg max.

Standard Packaging

250kgs/200L steel drum, 20000kgs/20’ FCL

Packaging photo coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

Not regulated by UN, US DOT as hazardous substance
Warning! Ozone Depleting Substance
For more information, please see MSDS

No Hazard

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