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HFC-23 (Trifluoromethane)


Synonyms: Trifluoromethane; R-23;  Hydrofluorocarbon 23; HFC23; Fluoroform
CAS No.: 75-46-7   EC No.: 200-872-4  RTECS No.: PB6900000
Molecular Formula: CHF3
Structural Formula: HFC-23 (trifluoromethane)
Molecular Weight:  70.01
m.p.: -155.2°C
b.p.: -82.1°C
Vapor pressure: 4.38Mpa @ 20°C
ODP: 0
GWP: 12000 (CO2=1)


HFC-23 is a by-product while manufacturing R22 or Tetrafluoropropylene


1) HFC-23 is used as refrigerant, sometimes as a replacement for CFC-13
2) Used in semiconductor industry in plasma etching of silicon oxide and silicon nitride
3) Used as a total flooding fire extingushing agent


Items Specification
HFC-23 purity 99.5% min.
Moisture 10 ppm max.
Non-valatile residues 0.001% max.
Acidity 1 ppm max.
Odor odorless
NAG (Vol) 1.5% max.
Appearance colorless and transparent

Standard Packaging

380kgs / steel welded cylinder, 16 cylinders/20’ full container.


Risks and Safety Information

HFC-23 is regulated by UN as non-flammable, compressed gas
UN1984, Class 2.2, PG: Unknown
S-Phrase: S38
Green house gas with GWP 12000
For more information, please see MSDS

Warning, non-flammable gas

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