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Hydrolysis Product of Polymaleic Anhydride (HPMA)


Synonyms: HPMA; Hydrolysis Product of Polymaleic Anhydride; Acumer 4200; Belclene 200; Belclene 200LA; DP 3328; Maleic acid homopolymer; Nonpol PMA 50W; SH 150
CAS No.: 26099-09-2
EC No.:

Molecular Formula: (C4H4O4)n

Structural Formula: Hydrolysis Product of Polymaleic Anhydride (HPMA)


HPMA supplied by Wanjie Internation is made by the process of organic solvent (non aqueous process) to secure better performance.


HPMA supplied by Wanjie Internation is equivalent to Belclene 200. HPMA has very good performance of scale inhibitor and dispersant, widely used in industrial cooling water, boiler water, oil field injection, sugar mill evaporator, reverse osmosis, desalination applications, etc. especially in those of critical water condition such as high-temperature, high alkalinity, high hardness.


Items Specification
Appearance Transparent amber liquid
HPMA Active Content (Carl Fisher) 48~52%
pH Value 2.0 max.
Density (20°C), g/cm3 1.16~1.19
Freezing Point, °C -5~-12
Viscosity (25°C, 1 atm), cp 12~30

Standard Packaging

230kgs net/200L plastic drum; IBC (tote); ISO tank
Store in plastic, glass-lined container.

200L drums for HPMA

Risks and Safety Information

HPMA is regulated by UN as hazardous substance.
Danger! Corrosive Liquid, Organic, N.O.S. For more info, please see MSDS
Hazard Class 8; UN 3265; PG III
R-Phrase: R22, R36/37/38, R41
For more information, please see MSDS.

Warning, Corrosive Liquid

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