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2,2-Dimethylol Propionic Acid (DMPA)


Synonyms: 2,2-Bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic acid; DMPA
CAS No.: 4767-03-7

EINECS No.: 225-306-3

China Customs Code: 291819.90.90

HS code: 291899
Molecular Weight: 134.13
Molecular Formula: C5H10O4
Structural Formula: Dimethylol Propionic Acid
Melting Point: 189-191 °C (lit.)

Flash Poing: >150 °C

Specific Gravity: 0.84
Water solubility: soluble in water, DMF, methanol, insoluble in acetone, benzene, tulene


As a multipurpose organic raw material, 2,2-Dimethylol Propionic Acid is widely used in the following applications:

1) chain-extender and self-emulsifier in manufacturing water-borne polyurethane

2) manufacturing aqueous polyurethane leather finishing agent.

3) raw material for photosensive resin, LCD, epoxy resin coatings, PU elastomers, powder coatings, adhesives, and magnet recording product.

4) solder flux acid activator in solder paste, to remove metal oxide surface of SMC/SMD and PCB in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process.


2,2-Dimethylol Propionic Acid content 99.0% min.
m.p. (°C) 179.0 to 189.0
loss after drying 0.30% max.
residue on ignition 0.03% max.
acid value (mg KOH/g) 405.0 to 425.0
hydroxyl value (mg KOH/g) 810.0 to 860.0
K (ppm) 30 max..
Na (ppm) 30 max..
Ca (ppm) 25 max..
SO4 (ppm) 30 max..

Standard Packaging

25kgs/fiber drum, on pallets.

Packaging photo coming soon.

Risks and Safety Information

2,2-Bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic acid is not regulated by UN. Safe for air, land and sea transportation

Warning: Irritant; Hygroscopic

Risk phrase: R36/37

Safety phrase: S26, S37/S38


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