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Itaconic Acid, a solder flux activator


Synonyms: Methylenesuccinic acid; Methylenebutanedioic acid
CAS No.: 97-65-4
EINECS No.: 202-599-6

China Customs Code: 2917190090

HS code: 291719
Molecular Weight: 130.1
Molecular Formula: C5H6O4
Structural Formula: itaconic acid
Melting Point: 175 °C

Flash Poing: 199 °C
Water solubility: soluble in water, alcohol, acetone.


Itaconic acid is used as solder flux acid activator in solder paste, to remove metal oxides on surface of SMC/SMD and PCB in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process.


Itaconic acid content 99.6% min.
m.p. (°C) 165 to 168
loss after drying 0.2% max.
residue on ignition 0.03% max.
color (APHA) 5 max.
Iron 0.0002% max.
chlorides 0.0005% max.
sulfates 0.002% max.
heavy metals 0.001% max.
appearance white crystals or powder

Standard Packaging

25kgs/fiber drum, on pallets.

Packaging photo coming soon.

Risks and Safety Information

Itaconic acid is not regulated by UN. Safe for air, land and sea transportation

Warning: Irritant

Risk phrase: R36/37/38

Safety phrase: S26, S36


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