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Succinic Acid


Synonyms: Butanedioic acid; Ethane-1,2-dicarboxylic acid; 1,2-Ethanedicarboxylic acid; Amber acid; Ethylene dicarboxylic acid;  Wormwood acid

De: Bernsteinsäure ES(PT): Ácido Subérico Fr: Acide succinique Ru: Янтарная кислота Ja: コハク酸
CAS No.: 110-15-6
EINECS No.: 203-740-4

China Customs Code: 2917190090

HS code: 291719
Molecular Weight: 118.088
Molecular Formula: C4H6O4
Structural Formula: succinic acid
Melting Point: 185 °C
Boiling Point: 235 °C (decomposed)

Flashing point: 111 °C

Solubility: soluble in water, methanol, dimethylether, insoluble in benzene, carbon disufide, carbon tetrachloride.


Succinc acid is mainly used to synthesize succinic anhydride, succinate ester, alkyd resin, as an intermediate in chemical synthesis, adjuvent in waste paper recycling, etching agent, light-stabilizer for polymers, acid activator in solder flux to remove metal oxides in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process.


Succinic acid 99.5% min.
melting range (°C) 184 to 187
chlorides 0.007% max.
iron 0.002% max.
appearance white crystalling powder


Standard Packaging

25kgs/fiber drum, on pallet

25kg/bags, on pallet

Packaging photo coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

UN3261 Class 8, PG III

Risk Phrase: R36/37/38

Safety Phrase: S26, S37/S39

Warning: Corrosive Solid, Organic

Stored in cool and dry place, away from heat, strong bases, oxidant substance.


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