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Glutaric Acid, a solder flux activator


Synonyms: 1,3-Propanedicarboxylic Acid; 1,5-pentanedioic acid (IUPAC); Propane-1,3-dicarboxylic acid; n-Pyrotartaric acid
De: Glutarsäure ES: ácido glutarico Fr:Acide glutarique Ru: Глутаровая кислота Ja: グルタル酸
CAS No.: 110-94-1
EINECS No.: 203-817-2

China Customs Code: 29171900.90

HS code: 291719
Molecular Weight: 132.1158
Molecular Formula: C5H8O4
Structural Formula: glutaric acid
Melting Point: 97.5 °C
Boiling Point: 302 - 304 °C
Water solubility: >10 g/100 mL at 21 °C


Glutaric acid is raw material to manufacture glutaric anhydride, also applied as initiator for synthesis of resin and rubber. Also used in the production of polymers such as polyester, polyols, polyamides. The odd number of carbon atoms of glutaric acid is useful in decreasing polymer elasticity. Glutaric acid is also used as an acid activator in solder flux to remove metal oxides in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process.


glutaric acid assay (HPLC) 99.0% min.
m.p. (°C) >97
moisture 0.2% max.
residue on ignition 0.15% max.
appearance white crystals


Standard Packaging

25kgs/fiber drum, on pallets.

Packaging photo coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

Glutaric acid is not regulated by UN. Safe for air, land and sea transportation

Risk Phrase:

Safety Phrase:

Warning: Irritant


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