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Disodium Phosphite


Synonyms: Disodium phosphite Pentahydrate; Na2HPO3; Na2HPO3.5H2O; Phosphonic acid disodium salt; Disodium hydrogen Phosphite Pentahydrate; Sodium Phosphite Dibasic Pentahydrate
CAS No.:13517-23-2: anhydrous 13708-85-5
EC No.:
Molecular Formula: Na2HPO3.5H2O
Molecular Weight: 216.04
M.p.: °C
B.p.: °C (anhydrous)
Solubility: Soluble in water


Disodium phosphite is made by reaction between sodium hydroxide and phosphorous acid:

2NaOH + H3PO3 + 3H2O= Na2HPO3.5H2O


Disodium phosphite pentahydrate is mainly used as a reducing agent to reduce metal salts into metal elements


Appearance white crystalline granular
Content 98.0% min.
Chlorides 0.02% max.
Sulphates 0.08% max.
Iron 25 ppm max.
Heavy Metals as Pb 25 ppm max.

Standard Packaging

50lbs, 25kgs, 500kg, 1000kgs bag

Risks and Safety Information

Disodium Phosphite pentahydrate is NOT regulated by UN as hazardous goods.

Keep bags tightly closed in dry and cool place, avoid direct sun-light.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Avoid breathing dust.

Keep clear from drains.

No hazard

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