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Phosphoric Acid, Refractory-Material-binder Grade


Synonyms: Orthophosphoric acid; H3PO4
CAS No.:  7664-38-2    EC No.: 231-633-2    RTECS No.: TB6300000
Molecular Weight:  98
Molecular Formula: H3PO4
Structural Formula: phosphoric acid
Density: 1.685 (85%), 2.030 (crystal @ 25 deg. C)
M.P.: 42 deg. C
B.P.: 213 deg. C


Phosphoric acid may be produced by two processes: 1) wet process 2) furnase process.


Used for manufacturing refractory material binder, for example monoaluminum phosphate


Phosphoric acid Content 85.0% min.
Arsenic 5ppm max.
Heavy metals as Pb 10ppm max.
Color(APHA) 10 max.

Standard Packaging

1)  35 kg Jerry can, 330 kg per 200L drum
2)  1600kg per 1000L IBC, 1900kgs per 1200L IBC (tote)

1000L IBC for phosphoric acid

Risks and Safety Information

Phosphoric acid is regulated by UN as acidic corrosive liquid
UN1805, Class 8, PG III
R-Phrase: R34, Causes burns
S-Phrase: S1/2, S26, S45
For more information, please refer to MSDS

warning corrosive

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