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Liquid Phosphite Fertilizer with TE


Synonyms: potassium phosphite, trace elements and water
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1) Liquid phosphite fertilzier is applied as a water-soluble fertilizer in root dip irrigation, foliar spray irrigation, root-watering and flushing irrigation.
2) The product unifies fertilizer features with excellent resistance properties against late-blight, downy mildrew and root rot to control Oomycetes (esp. Phytophthora sp).

3) Trace elements can be added into the solution system according to the customer's recipes, to match up variety of soil requiement.

4) Customerized labelling is available, to protect your brand.

5) Confidential agreement to protect your recipes.


K2O 34%
P2O5 52%
Boron + Zinc+ Copper Customerized.
Pb 10ppm max.
As 10ppm max.
Cd 5ppm max.
pH Value (1:250) 6 to 7
Appearance Colorless Clear Liquid

Standard Packaging

25kgs, 250kgs/plastic drum, 1250kg/IBC

Packaging photos coming soon

Risks and Safety Information

Not regulated by UN as hazardous substance
For more information, please refer to MSDS.

Not hazard

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