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Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA)


Synonyms: Phospholeum; Tetraphosphoric acid; Superphosphoric acid
De: Polyphosphorsäuren ES: Ácidos polifosfóricos Fr: Acides polyphosphoriques
CAS No.: 8017-16-1
EC No.: 232-417-0
Molecular Weight:  337.93 (similar)
Molecular Formula: H6P4O13 (similar) (polyphosphoric acid is an inorganic polymer with different polymerization degress)
Structural Formula: polyphosphoric acid
Density: 2.05
M.P.: 550°C
Freezing Point.: 16°C


Polyphosphoric acid is made by the process of ...


Polyphosphoric acid has many applications such as:
1) Cyclizing agent and acylating agent in organic synthesis;
2) alternative for phosphoric acid;
3) dehydration agent


Parameters Specification
Appearance colorless and transparent sticky liquid
Content as H3PO4 116%, 115%, 110%, 105%
Chlorides as Cl 0.0005% max.
Heavy metals (as Pb): 0.0030% max.
Iron (Fe): 0.0020% max.
Arsenic 0.008% max.

Standard Packaging

40kgs per Jerry can, 340kg per 200L plastic drum, 1600kg per 100L IBC (tote)

200L drums for polyphosphoric acid

Risks and Safety Information

Polyphosphoric acid is regulated by UN as corrosive liquid without no sub-risks.
Hazard Class: 8, UN Number: UN1805, Packing Group: III
For more information, please refer to MSDS.

warning corrosive

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